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The "ERIC LOMAX" Experience

Eric is not just another speaker but an EXPERIENCE! 

A paradigm shifting, in-demand motivational speaker that delivers a powerful message, transforming organizations and audiences across the country 

Eric speaks with authority and experience by the life he has lived and not just the words he speaks. He had been termed, "THE TRUSTED ADVISOR" or the value and confidence he brings to organizations

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Mastering the Pitfalls and Perils on the pathway to True Leadership

Servant Leadership sounds simple, and everyone wants to adopt this new style of management.  But is your management team ready to take on the pitfalls along the way to adopting the servant leader mindset? Servant leadership is not for everyone, and you need to examine your team and answer the tough questions to see if they’re ready. Join leadership expert Eric Lomax as he takes you on a journey through the pros and cons of adopting a servant leadership culture. Eric will give you insight into servant leadership and how to evaluate your company’s readiness for change.

Your audience and leaders will learn:

  • The focus and commitment required for all Servant Leaders

  • The 3 key traits of a every Servant Leader

  • The seven principles of Servant Leadership

  • How servant leaders are born to lead.

  • The 3 disadvantages of servant leadership.

  • The 4 reasons why servant leadership is difficult to embrace.

  • Challenges and barriers that prevent leaders from engaging in servant leadership.

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Leading through crisis, challenges & change 

We have all faced trying times, but the past few years have been one for the record books. Many are scared and unsure of what the future holds. There are wars and rumors of war brewing every day. Our social constructs are being challenged daily and the media seems to be stoking the fires of confusion and pain. Where do we turn and how do we endure the constant assault on our mental health? 


Join Eric Lomax as he takes you on a journey to discover the resilient spirit that lies within us all. Eric will help you to understand the bounce back principles that are at work in the heart of every leader. The only way that we are going to combat the problems we face in our companies is to embrace the strategies and principles of resilience.

Your audience and leaders will learn:

  • 10 strategies to learn resilience and how to use it to empower individuals and teams

  • The 7 C’s of resilience

  • 3 key traits of resilience

  • 7 strategies to bolster your own resilience

  • The key to identifying resilient leaders at all levels within the company

  • 7 thieves that may be blocking your resilience

  • How resilience fosters employee motivation and facilitates high performance.


Keys to understanding what Millennials & Gen Z want in an employer

Companies across America are struggling to attract and retain employees. It is being called “The Great Resignation” and it is proving to be a true test to figure out how companies will maintain adequate staffing levels. Millennials and Generation Z make up most of the prevailing workforce as Baby Boomers continue to retire. However, most companies are headed by Baby Boomers who are generations apart from these two groups. How do they connect and how do you manage this diverse group? Leadership expert Eric Lomax will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as he skillfully cracks the code to attracting and retaining the best Millennial and Generation Z candidates.

Your audience and leaders will learn:

  • The blueprint that both Millennials and Gen Z share.

  • The 9 differences between Millennials and Gen Z

  • Millennial Must Haves in the workplace

  • Insights into Gen Z

  • Powerful Ways to Attract & Retain the Best Employees

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Bring Eric in to make your next event a smashing success! 

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